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Long Term Care Insurance Specialists

All Insurance Products are not the same. And while it's relatively easy to understand the fundamentals of Life Insurance and Health Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance is an exception to the rule. That's why we decided to specialize exclusively in Long Term Care Insurance more than 15 years ago.

Long Term Care Insurance is unique, not only from company to company, but also from individual to application. Many people often fail to understand the need for Long Term Care Insurance in relation to Medicare, Medicaid, various Asset Protection Plans, Wills, Trusts, etc.

Each of our agency executives have over 15 years of Long Term Care Insurance experience in Regional and National managerial positions. We are well experienced and prepared to assist you in understanding what is truly in your best interest.

From the simple explanation of a policy definition to the complex communications and presentations for group business benefits, seminars and enrollments, we're ready to help you now.

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